We are living a very visual era, we must generate quality content and get where other means fail.

Jeff Cardenas
We combine knowledge, creativity and experience to develop innovative high quality and a higher level of visual content, making them different from the rest. We provide overall support from the creative idea to the final product.
advertising spots, music videos, digital content, event coverage, 2D and 3D animation, are some of the video services that have developed over 15 years ago, achieving understand our customers, providing solutions in an increasingly visual world.

In Noxo we are focus on the litle details in music, that's what make us unique.

We currently have a production hall ideal for audio mixing and mastering any musical product. We create and produce, we record and edit, we are updated with teams with cutting edge technology.
Our studio has audio and respected expert in the field of music staff, our goal is that your product sounds professional.

Never fall in love with an idea. They’re whores. If the one you’re with isn’t doing the job, there’s always another.

Chip Kidd
In Noxo Studios we have the most powerful tool that exists in the market to color correction "Davinci Resolve" with talented colorists and experts who give life to the image Through his colors.
We work on correcting colors in video from 1080p to 6K, commercials, music videos, movies, any content that requires having a professional finish.

It is a magical space, is perfect for creating all in one place, you feel like you're home.

Nelson Bustamante
Our environment should be the most suitable to blow the imagination, we are creative, so we should be in a place where we are comfortable, we have multiple spaces for multiple activities
Room audio, video editing and post production, video editing room multiple format, green screen, a rehearsal room and multipurpose. Located around different restaurants that will make your stay more pleasant.

Photography is the simplest thing in the world, but it is incredibly complicated to make it really work.

Martin Parr
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"When passion, love and affinity are integrated, the result is always positive".

Jeff cardenas
In Noxo Studios we are dedicated to the production and post-production audio and video, with a team of creative and skilled professionals to create high quality innovative content for film, TV, Music, Mixing, Mastering, internet, social media, or any other media.
Our productions have been recognized in several countries managing to obtain, among others, recognition of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences "Emmy" plus nominations in the Latin Recording Academy "Latin Grammy" among others.
Naty dominguez
sales manager
music producer
jeff cardenas
visual director
ricky villalobos
Creative Director
luis villalobos
senior editor
julio galindez
graphic designer
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3d motion
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We are very happy and comfortable with the commitment and passion that put to work, there are more than two years making music videos for our artists. Thanks!

Anaid quijada / Universal music

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John Doe, doodle inc.

What people say?

Phasellus luctus commodo ullamcorper a posuere rhoncus commodo elit. Aenean congue, risus utaliquam dapibus. Thanks!

John Doe, doodle inc.

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Video | AGOST 2016
institutional advertising is being played by several channels at national level in the United States .
Jeff Cardenas is nominated to emmy
Audio | Agost 2016
Jeff Cardenas is nominated in two categories in the sun coast EMMY AWARDS.. CONGRATS
HBO recorded the upfront for your entire sales team in NOXO Studio, were two days of filming and was done in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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